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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you install the flooring that you sell?

A: Yes! We have our own installers to make sure that your new floor installation meets Burritt standards. Our installers are also fully insured.

Q: Can your installers move our furniture in order to install our new flooring?

A: Yes! While there are some limitations (electronics, antiques, etc), our installers are capable of moving standard furniture like sofas, bed frames, and tables.

Q: Do you offer free estimates for our new flooring?

A: Yes! If we are going to be installing your new floor, one of our project managers will visit the site and take all the measurements needed to generate an estimate for you.

Q: Do you keep any flooring products in stock or do you have to order everything in?

A: We have a huge selection of wool carpets in stock at any given time. In addition, we stock select wood and luxury vinyl products. We also have a large collection of area rugs in our showroom.

Q: What is your warranty on the installation of our new floor?

A: We offer a two year warranty on the installation of the flooring products we sell.

Q: Do you have samples of the flooring products you sell?

A: Yes! We have samples on hand for the wool carpets that we have in stock, as well as samples of the vinyl and wood products we stock. If we do not have a sample of a product on hand, we can usually get one from the supplier in a few days. There is no charge to borrow the samples from us.

Q: What is the difference between an engineered wood floor with an oil finish vs a non-oil finish?

A: A wood floor with an oil finish uses oil as its protective finish. The other option is typically a polyurethane finish. Oil-finished wood does require a bit of extra maintenance, including the use of an oil soap for cleaning and applying more oil every few years, depending on the traffic.

Q: I have heard that wool carpet sheds. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Wool is a natural fibre and it is normal for wool carpets to shed during normal use. They will tend to shed more when they are new and slowly taper off over their lifetime. The wool fibres on the surface will be picked up every time you vacuum.

Q: Do my new carpets require a specific vacuum cleaner? Are there any types of vacuum cleaners that I should avoid?

A: Most residential vacuum cleaners have a rotating brush head (or “beater bar”) that helps to loosen dust and dirt from the carpet fibres before the suction of the vacuum carries them away. The bristles on the brush head should be relatively soft so as not to damage the carpet. There are some well-known high-end vacuum cleaners on the market that have very rigid bristles and those have been known to damage carpets and void the carpet manufacturers warranty.