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Mirage Hardwood

Mirage Hardwood

Designed and manufactured in North America, Mirage Floors are synonymous with superior quality, beauty and durability. Mirage is known for its high standards and uncompromising product quality. Its lifetime limited structural warranty means your floor will stay beautiful for generations to come. All Mirage floors are produced in North America using the finest-quality hardwood from responsibly managed forests.

Admiration Collection

Maple Exclusive Greystone

Maple Exclusive Platinum

White Oak Brushed Isla

Maple Exclusive Rio

Maple Engraved Rio

Maple Exclusive Rio-Platinum

Red Oak Exclusive Savanna

Maple Exclusive Sierra

Dreamville Collection

Oak Character Brushed Aspen

Oak Character Brushed Florence

Oak Character Brushed Hermosa

Oak Character Brushed Key Largo

Oak Character Brushed Maui

Oak Character Brushed Morro Bay

Oak Character Brushed Sanibel

Escape Collection

Red Oak Character Brushed Carmel

Maple Character Engraved Destin

Maple Character Engraved Mystic Island

Maple Character City Park

Flair Collection

Hickory Character Brushed Desert Rose

Hickory Character Brushed Sandy Reef

White Oak Character Snowdrift

White Oak Character Brushed Stardust

Maple Character White Mist

White Oak Character White Mist

Imagine Collection

Maple Character Driftwood

Red Oak Character Driftwood

Maple Character Papyrus

Red Oak Character Papyrus

Maple Character Rock Cliff

Red Oak Character Rock Cliff

Natural Collection

Maple Exclusive Natural

Maple Character Natural

Red Oak SB Natural

Red Oak Exclusive Lisse Natural

Red Oak Exclusive Brushed Natural

Red Oak Character Brushed Natural

White Oak Exclusive Brushed Natural

White Oak R&Q Exclusive Natural

White Oak R&Q Character Natural

White Oak Character Brushed Natural

Hickory Character Brushed Natural

Walnut Character Brushed Natural

Sweet Memories Collection

White Oak Character Bubble Bath

White Oak Brushed Carousel

Red Oak Character Chateau

Hickory Character Brushed Clay Marbles

Maple Character Gelato

Red Oak Character Hopscotch

White Oak Character Hula Hoop

White Oak Character Brushed Jump Rope

Maple Character Nougat

Red Oak Character Brushed Paddle Ball

White Oak Character Brushed Rocking Horse

The products shown here are just a small example of the many different products offered by Mirage.

Please stop by the Burritt Bros showroom to see the full product range.

Please note, images shown may look different on screen than they do in person. For best colour match, please visit our showroom to view samples.

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