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Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets

Established in 1938 in Portadown, Northern Ireland, by George Walter Wilson, Ulster Carpets is still owned by the founder’s family. Innovation remains at the heart of their success, and as a result they have developed the most technically advanced carpet weaving plants in the world.

As the premier supplier of Axminster and Wilton carpets to the world market Ulster has developed their own unique and patented weaving system that creates a greater degree of design intricacy, an enhanced spectrum of colour and at an unrivalled level of efficiency.

All of Ulster’s yarn is manufactured in their own spinning plant in Dewsbury, North Yorkshire, enabling long-term security of supply. Ulster’s Axminster and Wilton carpets are woven in their state-of-the-art facilities in the UK and Ireland while their loop ranges are made in Denmark by Danfloor, an Ulster Group Company specialising in loop weaving.

Here is a small sample of Ulster’s fine carpets:

Anatolia Scroll Souk

Arcus Electric

Grange Wilton Greyhound

Nahla Bayou

Anatolia Medallion Fez

Anatolia Dune

Athenia Black

Braeburn Biscay

CHC Beaumont Granary

Fusion Reverb Denim

Glenavy Hampton Court

Glenmoy Beige Chisholm

Habitus Strond Bay

Natural Choice Mandara

Open Spaces Wellington Stripe Reed

Open Spaces Raglan Mata

Sheriden Cameo Provencale

Tazmin Prussian

Terraen Lenke Gra

Terraen Oska Gra

The Mix Strata Stone

Velvet Tankard

Watercolours Amulet Seaglass

Watercolours Amulet Ocean

York Wilton Indigo

Blossom Camellia

Natural Choice Rattan

Vescent Arbor Elixir

Vescent Linea Citrine

Vescent Vapor Ebony

Grange Wilton Cygnet

Habitus Rustik Rope

The products shown here are just a small example of the many different carpets offered by Ulster.

Please stop by the Burritt Bros showroom to see the full product range.

Please note, images shown may look different on screen than they do in person. For best colour match, please visit our showroom to view samples.

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