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SAMAD – hand made

Every rug tells a story. Touched by thousands of hands, the ancient art of rug making is a remarkable achievement practiced by many, yet understood by a precious few.  More than a floor covering, every hand knotted rug is a true testament to the imagination and uniqueness of the human spirit.

Before weaving begins a design rendering called a “nakshar” is created, usually drawn freehand on graph paper, with each square representing a single knot. The raw wool is cleaned, detangled and hand-carded into fibers that are prepared for spinning. The carded fibers are spun using a spinning wheel to make threads of yarn that are ready to be dyed.

The spun bundles of yarn are submerged into a brewing pot of chrome or natural dyes until they obtain the intended shade of color. The yarn is hand knotted on a loom by skilled weavers, bringing the design to life. This intricate art can be traced back almost three thousand years and requires a great deal of precision and patience to master. The newly woven rug is soaked with soap and water and scrapped with wooden paddles to remove any dust, dirt and debris. The vigorous washing process provides luminosity to the rug.

The washed rug is laid out to dry in the sun, a process that can take several days. The sunlight provides brilliance and luster to the woven creation. The rug is put on a stretching frame in the sun to counteract the shrinkage that occurs during washing. Uneven pile is sheared down to the desired pile height. This process will determine the overall finished look of the rug. Finally the rug is finished by hand. Many wool and silk rugs are hand-carved to enhance the design and add texture.

Nordic Astrid Natural Ivory

Nordic Inga Natural Ivory

Nordic Magnus Natural Ivory

Nordic Viking Natural Ivory

Epic Reserve Cream-Grey

Seville Matador Greige

Modern Tibet 3 Catadage Topaz

Modern Tibet 3 Starburst Wine

Amour Reserve Dalliance Maize

Amour Delight Natural Wheat

Malibu Zuma Almond

Affinity Friendship Beige Blue

Vaheed Taheri Pavement Ivory

Vaheed Taheri Channel Med Grey

Vaheed Taheri Sparks Cool Grey

Vaheed Taheri Glory Quartz

Affinity Desire Blue Greys

Elements Ipanema Ocean

Artist Impulse Beige Ice

Leonardo Roma Creamy

Avant Garde Reserve Trailblazer Red

Mystique Charisma Saffron Smoke

Mystique Sublime Rapture Wisteria

Mod Happening Silver Multi

Mayfair Jermyn St Multi

Mystique Sublime Stone Blue

Modern Tibet 2 Lanoche Silver

Mystique Spirit Grey Blue

Shibori Reserve Nara Ivory Blue

Shibori Reserve Nara Sand Multi

Shibori Kyoto Navy

Shibori Oga Ivory Grey

Modern Tibet 4 Woodlands Silvery

Avant Garde Reserve Bohemian Sky Blue

Leonardo Napoli Blues

Mayfair Molton Blue

The rugs shown here are a small sample size of the rugs available from Burritt Bros. Not all of the rugs shown are always in stock, but they can be ordered and are typically available within a few weeks (not including custom orders).

All of the rugs shown here are typically available to order in standard sizes (5×8, 8×10, 9×12). Some rugs available in 10×14 and 12×15 sizes. Custom sizes also available. Please inquire for more details.

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