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Mercier Hardwood

Mercier Hardwood

Mercier Hardwood by Burritt Bros in Vancouver, BC

Mercier believes that the art of wood floors starts—and ends—with the perfect symbiosis between natural, living material and the science of finishes. For decades, they have developed an expertise in subtly mastering the complexity of wood surfaces. This is the Mercier way. In order to create their wood masterpieces, they rigorously select only the finest wood that is sourced responsibly from North American forests. They optimize each step of the production process to ensure impeccable and consistence quality, all while reducing waste. Mercier remains adamantly committed to bring out the very best in wood.

Mercier believes in both the timelessness of wood and its ability to be fashionable today. Mercier has always been steps ahead in terms of our technological innovations as well as their designs. While their wood flooring collections are profoundly aligned with the latest in interior decorating, they are nevertheless infused with a classic style to remain striking day after day, year after year. Mercier floors, strong and sophisticated, offer the very best in terms of form and function. Profoundly rooted in tradition, yet always on trend, their wood floors are developed based on a long-term vision and reverence for wood— as the source of our products and the source of their creativity.

Over decades, Mercier has mastered the science of hardwood floor surfaces to create Mercier Generations and Generations Intact 2500. Their obsession with creating the perfect surfaces guarantees that the natural beauty of our prefinished wood floors remains the centre of attention.

Atmosphere Collection

White Oak Whisper

Hickory Hush

White Oak Hush

Red Oak Breeze

Hickory Breeze

White Ash Silk

Hard Maple Hush

White Oak Silk

Hard Maple Breeze

Hard Maple Haze

Hickory Haze

Red Oak Bliss

Red Oak Halo

Red Oak Haze

White Oak Charm

White Ash Breeze

White Ash Gleam

Design+ Collection

Hard Maple Madera

Red Oak Madera

Red Oak Stone

Hard Maple Treasure

Hard Maple Gunstock

Hard Maple Mist

Red Oak Ivoor

Red Oak Mist

Naked Collection

Naked American Walnut

Naked Hickory

Naked White Ash

Naked White Oak

Naked Hard Maple

Naked Red Oak


American Walnut Natural

Red Oak Natural

White Ash Natural

White Oak Natural R&Q

Yellow Birch Natural

Hard Maple Natural

Hickory Natural

The products shown here are just a small example of the many different products offered by Mercier.

Please stop by the Burritt Bros showroom to see the full product range.

Please note, images shown may look different on screen than they do in person. For best colour match, please visit our showroom to view samples.

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