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TTG – Hand made

The TTG collection of rugs offers contemporary styles for virtually every taste. These rugs are hand-knotted in India using different blends of fibers such as wool, bamboo silk, cotton, viscose and Tencel. From the lively patterns of the “Abstracts” collection to the soft tones of the “Understated” collection, TTG has a multitude of choices that will look great in a city condo, a countryside estate, or a lakefront cottage.

ABSTRACTS – 25% wool/60% bamboo silk/15% cotton

Abstract Sky

Fractured Tan Navy


Mousakas Peacock

Plume Seafoam

Shades of Grey

BOX – 30% wool/55% viscose/15% cotton

Box Charcoal Blue

Box Silver

Box Slate

Box Titanium

Box White Lily

BOXES II – 85% viscose/15% cotton

Boxes II Ash

Boxes II Cashmere

Boxes II Crystal

Boxes II Fossil

Boxes II Oyster

Boxes II Woodrose

BROKEN STRIPES – 40% wool/45% viscose/15% cotton

Broken Stripes Aqua

Broken Stripes Charcoal

Broken Stripes Golden Tan

Broken Stripes Pewter

Broken Stripes Silver Blue

ELEMENT – 25% wool/60% viscose/15% cotton

Element Almond

Element Magnetic Grey

Element Stone Grey

ELEMENT II – 85% viscose/15% cotton

Element II Chambray

Element II Denim

Element II Grey

Element II Light Alloy

Element II Light Aqua

Element II Light Orchid

HADLEY – 40% wool/40% bamboo silk/20% cotton

Hadley Ivory Bronze

Hadley Ivory Light Gold

Hadley Ivory Platinum

Hadley Silver Iron

Hadley Silver Sand

UNDERSTATED – 80% bamboo silk/20% cotton

Understated Fawn

Understated Powder

Understated Silver

Understated Soft Blue Gold

The rugs shown here are a small sample size of the rugs available from Burritt Bros. Not all of the rugs shown are always in stock, but they can be ordered and are typically available within a few weeks (not including custom orders).

All of the rugs shown here are typically available to order in standard sizes (5×8, 8×10, 9×12). Some rugs available in 10×14 and 12×15 sizes. Custom sizes also available. Please inquire for more details.

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