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MOV Rug Collections


Graphic, hand-crafted rugs inspired by the history and iconography of Vancouver are available exclusively at Burritt Bros Floors.

A proud partner of the Museum of Vancouver (MOV), Burritt Bros’ rug design team created a series of five history-infused rugs that let you bring a piece of our city right into your home. For each piece sold, the museum earns a royalty to help support its great work to celebrate and preserve our city’s story and operate school tours.

The rugs are designed, produced, and exclusive to Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors.


After the riot on June 15th, 2011 following the Vancouver Canucks’ loss in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, broken windows were hastily boarded up with plywood. The day after, citizens met to clean up Vancouver and left messages on the boards, condemning the violence and professing their love for the city.

Museum of Vancouver (MOV) received 86 of the boards.

Produced by, and available at Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors.


This rug is based on a bus scroll that listed destinations along the Oakridge bus line in Vancouver. Vancouver’s public transit system completed its transition from streetcars to buses, “from rails to rubber” by 1955.

There was public enthusiasm for the new electric trolley buses that passengers found quieter and cleaner than the well-worn streetcars.

In the 1980s, when other cities were eliminating them, BC Transit renewed its commitment to the quiet pollution-free.

Produced by, and available at Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors.



This rug is based on the corporate seals used by Vancouver businesses and charities in the hundred years between about 1890 -1990.

Among the seals are those for the municipalities of South Vancouver (incorporated into Vancouver in 1929), Vancouver Lodge No. 10 of the Independent Order of Good Templars (Crusaders for Temperence), and the Vancouver Gas Company
(founded in 1886 with the City itself).

The melange includes imprints of seals of local notaries Edgar Bromfield and Charles Thomas Hilton, and of photographer Leonard Frank who embossed his photographs of spectacular local scenery with his seal.

Produced by, and available at Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors.


This rug based on a map showing the major car routes through Greater Vancouver was published by the Automobile Club of Vancouver about 1935, in the lead up to the excitement of Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee celebrated in 1936. Note the absence of the Lions Gate Bridge ( opened in 1938) and of Highway 1 (opened in 1962).

The original map is surrounded by small advertisements addressing the motorist’s every need – parking garages and motor lodges, auto repair shops and sightseeing destinations.

Produced by, and available at Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors.

Seltzer Bottles Rug by Burritt Bros in Vancouver, BC


All of the rugs shown here are available to order in standard sizes (5×8, 8×10, 9×12). Custom sizes also available. Please inquire for more details.