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Compass Cascade

The Compass Cascade Collection has many options to choose from. From rustic old-world elegance to sophisticated and modern, this collection caters to the most discerning homeowner. The hard maple options will add dramatic colour and a signature flourish to your design.

Our Compass Cascade Collection features white oak and maple in widths ranging from 5″ to 7.5″.

424 Kendal Creek

422 Dawson Creek

426 Tavane

420 Corbett Lake

411 Pavonee

414 Rezzi

404 Cardello

410 Geo

408 Garavani

402 Bazza

117 Kelleston

119 The Hill

115 The Bank

112 The Bridge

118 The Summer Land

120 Canyon

123 Trader

126 Glenmore Oak

129 Orchard

130 Skaha

124 Naramata

131 Kinley

585 Capri

587 Monte Conero

588 Leone

590 Luna Lander

591 Nicola Rustic

593 Testa Heights

595 Vasto

597 Vela

Please note, images shown may look different on screen than they do in person. For best colour match, please visit our showroom to view samples.