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RDQ Collection


In celebration of our move to South Vancouver’s River Design Quarter (RDQ), Burritt Bros. Carpets and Floors has launched the River Design Quarter Collection. The collection includes Heritage, Aerial ’48, and Twenty One.

We use our in-house rug design capabilities to honour the shared history of Vancouver and Burritt Bros., which has been serving the city since 1907.


In 1907, after working for the Hudson’s Bay Company in Vancouver for five years, a young Ed Burritt wrote in his diary: “left the employment of HB Co. to start business for myself. April 27th, 1907.”

With that, began Burritt Bros., a Vancouver family business that would involve five generations and span more than 100 years. The Heritage rug not only features this script from Ed Burritt’s diary entry, it also includes his list of tools in 1965 and the initials of his son Charlie and Grandson Harvey.

It is a perfect demonstration of how Burritt Bros. uses its custom rug design capabilities to help other families and organizations celebrate milestones and memories.


Aerial ’48 is an ode to Burritt Bros.’ new home on the Fraser River. The rug was inspired by a City of Vancouver archival photo depicting the 1948 flood of the Fraser, with farms on either side, absent of any of today’s industrialization.

The rug pays homage to the mighty Fraser, which has powerfully shaped the region’s geography and economy but is rarely celebrated.


Twenty-One celebrates Burritt Bros.’ long-time home on Main Street. The rug design was inspired by a photograph taken when ivy was removed from the exterior of the Main Street building.

After decades of growth, the plant left an indelible mark on the wall. The former store’s address number 3594 adds up to 21, thus the rug is called “Twenty-One”.

All of the rugs shown here are available to order in standard sizes (5×8, 8×10, 9×12). Custom sizes also available. Please inquire for more details.

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