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Burritt Brothers Carpet and Floors

Burritt Brothers Carpet and Floors is a Vancouver-based, locally-owned, family-operated business that has been around since 1907. We’ve learned a thing or two in that time…about carpet and floors, good customer service, doing a good job, and creating beautiful homes. In fact, the formula for our success is very simple.

From a vast range of choices we help our customers choose the right product, for both fashion and function, and then we do a first class job of the installation – all with our own staff – expertly done the whole way.

The Burritt Process

If you’re a first-time home owner or renovating for the first time, this is a great place for you to start. At Burritt Bros., our process is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest.

We take real pride in helping you find the right product and install it properly once you’ve made a final decision.

We want you to know exactly what to expect when you enter our showroom, and have your carpeting or hard surface flooring installed by our staff.

Our History

Ed Burritt – 1877 – 1966
Ed’s diary reads “Left the employment of the Hudson’s Bay Co. to start in business for myself, April 27th, 1907”. The founder of Burritt Bros. was a community leader, a diligent businessman, and a compassionate employer. Soon joined by his brother Harvey, they located the business on Hornby St. in downtown Vancouver from 1907 to 1967. Ed’s sons, Charlie & Edmund, followed in their fathers’ footsteps in the second generation.

Harvey Burritt – 1872 – 1937
Harvey was a skilled upholsterer and, after joining Ed in business to officially become the Burritt Bros., brought his keen attention to practical details to the carpet trade. As a lively energetic “character”, Uncle Harvey was well loved by his family and colleagues. As a life-long bachelor, Harvey left the succession plan to his children and thus the next generation were truly Burritt brothers.

Edmund Burritt – 1911 – 2007
Edmund started with the family business as a young lad and, along with his brother Charlie, succeeded his father and uncle as the second generation owners of Burritt Bros. Ed had a keen interest in music and the arts, and was the driver of business growth into more fashionable and decorative carpet & area rugs.

Charlie Burritt – 1917 – 1980
Charlie Burritt was blessed with boundless energy, great leadership skills and a wonderful passion for fun. He led Burritt Bros. with cautious determination and an unshakable commitment to the highest standards of quality and business ethics. Charlie and Ed moved the business to the well-known location on Main St. in 1967. Charlie’s son Harvey joined his father in business, as uncle Edmund moved into retirement in the early 1970’s, and became the third generation owner on Charlie’s passing in 1980.

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