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TAMARIAN – Hand made

A Tamarian rug is a true work of art. Every step of production is completed with the care and touch of the human hand. Many of the techniques and tools have remained unchanged for centuries. Only the finest native Tibetan wool is used in our rugs.

Tibetan highland sheep freely roam the Tibetan plateau at elevations over 10,000 feet. Because the sheep roam freely in the wild, the wool they produce is strong and very high in lanolin content, which makes Tibetan wool one of the finest natural fibers in the world.

To ensure color consistency, all wool is dyed onsite using the age-old pot dyeing technique. Our dye masters submerge, simmer and spin the wool with the highest quality dyes to reach the optimal color saturation.

Every rug is woven by hand using the Tibetan Loop Senneh knot, by which each knot is tied around two warp threads and then looped around a metal rod. When an entire row of knots is completed, they are cut from the rod which then exposes a pile.

Once cut from the loom, the rug is trimmed and sheared meticulously by hand. The trimming gives each motif its definition and detail while the shearing levels the surface of the rug to the desired consistency. Wash-water is used from our own water purification plant. The rugs are washed with plain water; no heavy detergents or chemicals are used.

Arch 103 TK Stormcloud

Brahm TK Ivory Grey

Wrought Iron TK Glaucous

Marcel White

Zoe TK Haze

Chroma PW Freeze

Geode Natural Storm

Coursa TK Jade

Irezumi PW Blue Mantis

Wateresque Natural Storm

Brushed Prismatic

Crated News Print

Tessa Charcoal Yellow

Cirrus TK150 Navy Blue

Portugal TK Glacial Sky

Acid Wash TK Warmth

Ebbnflo NW Freshwater

Decked PW James

Amp TK Graphite

Billboard Trek

Dwarika PW Red Earth

Fluctuation Jordan

Inception TK Indigo

Rhein TK Grey Orange

Maracca Blue Brush

Khaten TK Monsoon


Versailles Seabreeze

Reuyl Blue Serenade

Scrub Tundra

Union Bluetral

Vivant Blue

String Theory TK150 Gray Charcoal

Kalangki TK Viorel

Maharaja TK Blue

Turkat TK Tan Charcoal

The rugs shown here are a small sample size of the rugs available from Burritt Bros. Not all of the rugs shown are always in stock, but they can be ordered and are typically available within a few weeks (not including custom orders).

All of the rugs shown here are typically available to order in standard sizes (5×8, 8×10, 9×12). Some rugs available in 10×14 and 12×15 sizes. Custom sizes also available. Please inquire for more details.

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