Burritt Bros In-House, In-Stock Carpet

Burritt Bros Carpet In-House & In-Stock

Burritt Bros has chosen a wide range of the most popular broadloom carpet based on design, colour and the highest quality wool products. We keep these in stock so you can choose the right carpet for your living and work spaces and not have to wait for an order to arrive.

Burritt Bros Galet-Cavelier Collection

a gorgeous chunky loop pile made from 100% felted New Zealand wool
The Galet collection is a gorgeous chunky loop pile made from 100% felted New Zealand wool. The random loop pile combined with the unique yarn structure creates real textural interest on the floor and unbelievable softness underfoot. The felted yarn means the fibres are locked into a smooth and strong structure, providing exceptional durability and comfort.

Burritt Bros Levante/539 Collection

family friendly and hard-wearing made from 100% felted New Zealand wool
There's no rustic here, just a tailored heather loop pile that looks sharp on the floor and will suit everything from a villa to an apartment. The honeycomb patterning gives a passing nod to sisal. Seven tones ranging from a soft cream through honey to a soft grey. Very easy care.

Burritt Bros Marocain- Cavelier Collection

hard-wearing multi-directional loop pile, 100% New Zealand wool
A palette of stony, earthy colours with an emphasis on grey tonings makes this carpet a fabulous neutral base that will complement most home decors. The multidirectional loop pile means the pattern looks much the same whichever way you view it, making it the perfect foundation to any interior.

Burritt Brothers Carpet Installation

When you purchase your carpet from Burritt Bros., we do the installation ourselves. If you book an installation appointment for 8 a.m., that’s when we show up.

Our installation team consists of certified trades people who get paid by the hour, so it’s never rushed. First, we begin by moving any furniture out of the space and then prepare the subfloor.

Our carpet is pre-cut before it arrives so it’s warm, dry, clean and easier to manage on-site. Tack strip is installed around the perimeter of the room, followed by the under- cushion. Seaming is a critical part of the process so we like to fuss over it, and we make sure we stretch the carpet to keep it flat. Then we trim up the edges and move the furniture back when we’re finished. And that’s it!

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