compass collection


Compass Hardwood Premiere Collection

The Compass Premiere line of hardwood is our most refined offering. The select and better Walnut is primarily offered in a natural finish, which is a testament to the classic elegance and warmth that walnut brings to your living space.

This prestigious collection is exclusive to Burritt Bros. Please contact us or visit our showroom for more information on the custom staining and finishing options available for the Compass Premiere products.

Please note that our in-store offering is greater than what is shown here on our website, please visit our new showroom at Fraser & Kent to see the full range!


• Rift Only North American White Oak – 4 mm lamella, 5 ¼” width, 2-8 ft long boards (avg 6 ft)

• North American White Oak (ABC Grade) – 4 mm or 6 mm lamella, 7.5” width, 80% 6 ft boards

• Select & Better Walnut – 4 mm lamella, 5 ¼” or 7 ¼” widths, 2-10 ft long boards (avg 6 ft)

• Custom staining & finishing options available in UV Oil or UV Low V.O.C. Acrylic

• On site finish or prefinished options